• 2018-11-08

    Polycarbonate(PC) is a kind of amorphous, odourless, non-toxic and highly transparent  thermoplastic engineering plastic. It has  good mechanical properties, especially t.......more

  • 2016-03-26

    Melamine tableware (MF) is a kind of high-molecular polymers. The monomers are formaldehyde and melamine. During the chemical reaction, it uses formaldehyde(37% ) and the ratio of&.......more

  • 2015 Canton Fair 2016-03-26

    Our company taken part in Canton Fair,14th to 16th December,2015.In Guangzhou international exhibition center.The address:328-340 1.1 pavilion,A area,Guangzhou international exhibition center. ....more

  • International ho... 2015-03-31

    International hotel supplies expo 2015 ShanghaiThe company opened exhibition in Shanghai new International Expo Center,on March 30th to April 2,2015.The location is W5D36 in Shanghai new International.......more

  • Pazhou Exhibitio... 2015-03-09

      The Twenty-First Pazhou ExhibitionThe company opened exhibition in Guangzhou Pazhou Exhibition Center,in the December 10 to 12th,2014. ....more

  • Guangzhou Yongsh... 2018-11-08

      As a high-class ware and PC commodities professional manufacturers, Guangzhou Panyu Hualong Huang Yongsheng plastic products factory, has years of experience in research and development of pro.......more