As a high-class ware and PC commodities professional manufacturers, Guangzhou Panyu Hualong Huang Yongsheng plastic products       factory, has years of experience in research and development of production. The factory has high-class mould manufacturing center and a group of  elites in  manufacturing industry. They make satisfying products constantly. The factory is trusted and supported by the clients because of the specialty. The products, which are bese-selling in major hotel supplies town in China , the USA and European countries, are  highly appreciated by domestic and foreign clients. Base on our integrity, specialty and hard-working, you are welcome to come  and      make arrangement with us .
 Address: Sha Xi Hotel Supplies Town H25-26 , Panyu District, Guangzhou City. 
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  Melamine tableware, is also called imitation porcelain , Plastic porcelain, melamine-formaldehyde resin and so on. It is made of               Melamine powder, which has an abbreviation of MMC. The products include: tray, plate ,fruit plate, rice bowl, soup bowl, salad bowl,       noodle bowl; kids’bowl, tray, plate, compartment plate , knife, fork; adults and kids  series; heat pad, coasters and pot holder series; water cup, coffee cup and drinking cup series; salad series and the series in a shapes and sizes; kitchen utensils and bathroom accessories;           ashtray and  Pet Supplies and different kinds of western table wares. The products aren’t out of shape within 120℃and -20℃.With the         favorable surface hardness , the products are highly friction resistant and non-staining. They can pass the CE、FDA、EEC、EN71 and other kinds of The international food hygiene test. The products are applicable to society and family, restaurant and hotel , enterprise and           public institution. They also can be excellent gifts for families and friends.

Polycarbonate(PC) is a kind of amorphous, odourless, non-toxic and highly transparent thermoplastic engineering plastic. It has good mechanical properties, especially the excellent shock resistance, tensile strength, bending strength and compression strength. It’s creep resistance and steady size. It has good heat resistance and low temperature resistance and the stable mechanical properties in the wide temperature range. It can be long-term used in the temperature of -60℃-120℃. No obvious melting point. It is in liquation under 220~230 ℃. As the rigidity of Molecular chain, the resin melt viscosity is high. The bibulous and shrinkage rates are small. It is self-extinguishment. The weather fastness is good. It’s oil and acid resistance. Precautions for use: To improve the value and service life of the products, the following ways of operation should be avoided. 1.Use: The tolerable temperature is -30℃~140℃. You should be careful because the cup with hot water will be high-heat. 2.use soft cloth but not brush to clean. Use detergent and water. 3.the product is not microwave special dishes, it can’t be in the microwave oven for a long-term use or the product’s service life will decrease. 4.Don’t burn it on the fire or be closed to the stove fire. The strike in the incandescence and the rapid temperature change should be avoided. Don’t use the product with damaged edges.