A3106-A3106.5-A3107-A3108-A3109-A3110-A3112-A3114-A3116-Quadrate plate

Product description 

A5: 100% resin, 100% melamine  
Features: non-toxic and odorless , tolerance from -30℃to 120℃.
Break-resistant and corrosion-resistant, delicate appearance , light and warm-keeping, safety in use.
You can customize all our products with the patterns and sizes you like. The logo can be printed on the products.
Model Product Specification
A3106 Quadrate plate 14.8*14.8*2CM
A3106.5 Quadrate plate 16.3*16.3*2.1CM
A3107 Quadrate plate 17.7*17.7*2.4CM
A3108 Quadrate plate 19.8*19.8*1.8CM
A3109 Quadrate plate 21.6*21.6*2.5CM
A3110 Quadrate plate 24.4*24.4*2CM
A3111 Quadrate plate 26.8*26.8*2CM
A3112Quadrate plate29.5*29.5*2CM
A3114 Quadrate plate 34.7*34.7*2.5CM
A3116 Quadrate plate 38.5*38.5*2.5CM

Release Time:2014-12-05
Price: Negotiable