A03.6,A04.1,W0005,A05,A06-Single-handle bowl

Product description 

A5: 100% resin, 100% melamine  
Features: non-toxic and odorless , tolerance from -30℃to 120℃.
Break-resistant and corrosion-resistant, delicate appearance , light and warm-keeping, safety in use.
You can customize all our products with the patterns and sizes you like. The logo can be printed on the products.
Model Product Specification
A03.6 Single-handle bowl(small) 9.5*3.8CM
A04.1 4.5"Single-handle bowl 11.5*10.6*3.9CM
W0005 Bowl with handle(with chip) 12.8*11.5*4.5CM
A05 Small single-handle bowl 12.8*11.5*4.5CM
A06 5.5"Single-handle bowl 13.8*12.7*5.5CM

Release Time:2015-04-28
Price: Negotiable